Your life is ever-evolving and things keep

getting pushed to "tomorrow".

With this assessment, we will review where you are today, envision your ideal future and

identify the obstacles in-between.

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I never had a coach before and was a little nervous on what was to be expected from the coach and myself. I have to say that I should have looked into a coach long before now. Terica is AMAZING! She helped me to break through some massive barriers that were hindering me from reaching potential that I wanted and needed in my business. She helped me to understand how certain thought processes I was having was blocking the potential of where I wanted myself and my business to go. 

She really gets to know you and not just your needs. I love the fact that she related to me which was huge because I know there are coaches out there who just help you "on the surface" without really getting to know how you think, how you feel, and how you are personally.

I believe that in order for us all to change and evolve into the people we want to be and the businesses we dream and work hard for we have to have those who understand us on a personal level not just on what our needs or direction are. The invaluable advice, direction and tips I have gotten from Terica are just that, truly invaluable and I don't know where I would be if it wouldn't have been for her helping me to break down the barriers that were stopping me from going and obtaining my dream and direction in my business let alone in myself and personal life.

Seeing how your personal life affects your business life and vice versa and it is very important to improve and make necessary changes in both to be successful! I highly recommend because she doesn't just see a "problem" and fix it she looks at everything and finds ways to make improvements that not only fix the problem but also helps to sustain your direction. ~ Sarah P.